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How UNC (Almost) Won the Directors' Cup

You may have heard that the Tar Heels took second in the annual season-long, cross-sport, intercollegiate competition that is the Directors' Cup. It's their fourth time taking second, following 1995, 1997, and 1998. First, naturally, went to the fifteen-time winners, Stanford, as UNC remains the only non-Leland Junior school to take the thing home, back in 1994. Stanford totaled 1,455 points to Carolina's 1,184.25, a margin of 270.75 points that consisted almost entirely of three sports UNC does not field teams in. Those were men's gymnastics (Stanford was national champions, 100 pts.), women's water polo (Stanford made the semis, 72.5 pts.) and men's water polo (second place, 70 pts.)  Here, as in previous years, is the breakdown of the athletic season:


  • Women's Field Hockey, First Round
  • Football, Bowl Game Loss
  • Women's Soccer, National Champions
  • Men's Soccer, 2nd Place
  • Women's Volleyball, Second Round
  • Women's Basketball, Second Round
  • Men's Basketball, National Champions
  • Women's Fencing, 20th
  • Women's Gymnastics, 25th
  • Women's Swimming, 20th
  • Men's Swimming, 26th
  • Women's Indoor Track & Field, tied for 12th
  • Men's Indoor Track & Field, 41st
  • Wrestling, 46th
  • Men's Baseball, College World Series
  • Women's Golf, 7th
  • Women's Lacrosse, 2nd Place
  • Men's Lacrosse, Quaterfinals
  • Women's Softball, Regional Finalist
  • Women's Tennis, Second Round
  • Men's Tennis, Second Round
  • Women's Outdoor Track & Field, 47th
  • Men's Outdoor Track & Field, 30th