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Not a Good Day for ACC Players

First the news breaks that a freshman football player now has a court date in a week or so for assaulting a teammate. But don't worry; it's been handled internally, and the two are "very, very good friends." Who, you know, occasionally punch one another in the nose. My first reaction was a groan and an eyeroll. My second is to ask where "Horton Hall" is. There's a Horton Hall?

Yes, there is. So at least I learned the story behind that, which is nice.

Also, Virginia Tech will enter it's second straight season without the running back that carried them the year before, as running back Darren Evans tore his ACL and is gone for the season. Tech fans point to Brandon Ore's exit prior to the start of 2008 to show that all is not lost, but Evans took most of the season to really click, not putting together a 100-yard game until November against Maryland; Tech now looks to two more freshman, as well as sophomore Josh Oglesby who had 88 yards on the season as the backup last year.

Georgia Tech seemed to have had an uneventful day.