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Greg Paulus Now Starting for Syracuse

My girlfriend asked me over dinner a few nights ago what was up with Greg Paulus - as an alumni of one of Syracuse's finer graduate programs, the news had recently repercolated that her alma mater was where everybody's favorite dunk victim was currently spending his time. She would have preferred he enrolled at Michigan, so that as a West Virginia fan she could concentrate much of her football hate on one school. Me, I realized I didn't really care what Paulus was doing now. Removed from Durham and the presumption of automatic success, my views of the man quickly slide towards indifference.

So I link to the news that Paulus has earned the starting job for a few reasons. One, because of the dinner conversation. Two, to note the typical Syracuse fan response, which seems to be that of the nerdy kid in class whose mother dressed him particularly funny that morning. They're both flinching at the prospective mockery/beating they're sure they're about to receive, while simultaneously psyching themselves up. "It's not that bad! Nassib will still have a chance, and look at all the media spotlight we're getting! Who-who cares what everyone else is going to think?" And honestly, Syracuse? Most of us really don't care. Wear that sailor suit with pride, boys.

Oh, and thirdly? The guy in the first link I read about this story has a photo for promotional purposes on his blog. Where he's giving the camera the double-finger guns. That, quite frankly, is a significantly bigger crime that installing Greg Paulus as your quarterback. Double finger guns. Man.