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Maryland's New Recruit Has a Leech

Washington Post writers Steve Yanda and Eric Presell have done an excellent job covering the seedier world of college bsketball recruiting, most notably with their three-part series on Gary Williams' recent struggles at Maryland, and put out a new article this week on Mychal Parker, a recruit out of Washington, NC. Or at least in theory it's about Parker - he doesn't make as big an appearance as this guy:

Yet over the past five months, college coaches, AAU team directors and even shoe company representatives came to understand that if they wanted to deal with Parker, they also had to deal with Joe Davis. Davis, a 22-year-old also from Parker's home town, accompanied Parker to nearly all of his camps and tournaments this summer. 


Davis runs, a fledgling basketball recruiting Web site. His designation as a recruiting analyst enabled him to obtain media credentials to various summer basketball events. His designation as "Parker's guy" enabled him to establish relationships with the college coaches pursuing the player's commitment to their respective programs. 

Sources close to six other Division I programs that either are or were recruiting Parker, including Clemson, Miami and UCLA, said Davis contacted members of the schools' coaching staffs seeking benefits of some sort in return for access to Parker. Many sources contacted for this story requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of a recruit's amateur status and, in some cases, because of NCAA rules prohibiting them from speaking about unsigned recruits. In some cases, sources said, Davis wanted the programs to subscribe to; in other cases, he wanted to serve as a paid instructor at the programs' elite camps.

Keep in mind, this guy doesn't seem have any basketball experience beyond some AAU ball growing up; no college experience, despite attending a St John's in Minnesota, no coaching experience, just two websites setup, neither of which has lasted for more than a year. And yet he's demanding all recruiting contact for a player go through him, with questionable input from Parker himself, or his father:

Mychal Parker's father said he had grown tired of hearing from college coaches who wondered exactly who Joe Davis was and how much influence Davis carried in Mychal's recruitment. 

"That's a lie! That's a flat-out lie! He has no say-so over nothing!" Omar Parker said. "Joe has no bearings or nothing to do with me or Mychal!"


As he waited by the door, [Mychal] Parker was asked why Davis didn't want him to talk. 

"That's the people in charge of me," Parker said. "They don't want me to talk."

Parker ended up signing with Maryland two days after the article was printed, and Terps fans were already up in arms over the reporting before that even happened. They don't have much to worry about, though - despite the fact that Davis did work the Maryland camp this summer running down balls in shooting drills, Williams has shown little patience with such types of people, and I wouldn't expect to see Davis on the coaching roster anytime this century. If you're a college coach looking to throw your money and credibility away, he does have subscriptions to his e-mail newsletter available for the bargain-basement price of five hundred dollars a year. He'll work your camp for the same price.