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An Antique Photo for Your Friday

One of the things I like about blogging for the SBNation organization is the liscensing deal they struck with the Associted Press for photos. The blogging platform throws up the most recent ones that mention UNC (And also, unfortunately, State. The platform can distinguish between two teams with "North Carolina" in their names.) under the posting area, and this one caught my eye.

The picture, as the caption so helpfully provides, shows UNC playing Notre Dame in Yankee Stadium in 1949. That was the first meeting between the Heels and the Fighting Irish, which Notre Dame won 42 to 6. The teams would go on and play ten of the next eleven years, with UNC not getting their first win until 1960. Art Weiner went on to tie the NCAA record for receptions in 1949 and be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame,