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Last I Checked, There Are Six Teams in the Coastal Division

Jacory Harris, fresh off of beating Georgia Tech, has a tenuous grasp on recent Hurricane history:

"Man, Georgia Tech last year and years before, they always stop us from going to the ACC championship. But now, we had to come out and beat them. We were 0-4 … we were playing with a chip on our shoulder. We had to let them know, this can't go on."

The past four seasons Miami has finished 6-2, 4-5, 2-6, and 4-4 in conference, good for 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 4th in the Coastal Division. They're 2-2 against Virginia Tech, UNC, and Virginia, and 5-7 against the Atlantic. The only ACC teams they have a winning record against are Duke and Wake Forest. I don't think Georgia Tech has been alone in keeping you out of the championship game there, Jacory.

That being said, Miami looked a lot more impressive in their second game than their first opponent Florida State did, and behind a very strong offensive line, Harris putting on a great passing display. The game wasn't as close as even the lopsided final score looks, and the Hurricanes just became a lot of folks' favorite to win the ACC.

Tech lost ACC player of the year Jonathan Dwyer for the second half to a shoulder injury, but at the moment he expects to be ready for UNC next Saturday.