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The ACC Picture Gets Clearer – And Virginia Clearly Sucks

I don't have much to say about the rest of this past week's ACC slate, beyond expressing surprise both at Florida State's success and Boston College's dismal, dismal failure. Virginia Tech is still the big mystery for me, however. They've played two ranked teams, but been outgained in yardage by both; Tyrod Taylor hasn't found his running game gainst either team, being hammered for negative yardage in both games as well. If they don't find their footing against a resurgent Miami team this week, they could easily slip to third or fourth in the division.

But mainly I posted this to share this picture (from Flickr user Vironevaeh) of the current fervor sweeping are Wahoo neighbors to the north. With a bye this week and UNC the week following, at what point will Al Groh actually be gone? I'm thinking the announcement won't come until after the Maryland game, but I'm an optomist like that.