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ACC Football Kicks Off With a Whimper, N.C. State Loss

Well that was ugly, wasn't it?

Hoping some actual D1-A competition would whet my appetite for college football, I tuned into last night's N.C. State - South Carolina game, and well, it was close at least. That being said, the Wolfpack's offensive line was porous to the point that even Russell WIlson's scrambling couldn't save them. The team managed a mere 133 yards of total offense and still had a chance to take the lead late on an endzone pass, a fact that says less about the Wolfpack defense and more about the lousy South Carolina offense.

Wilson needs a halfway decent team around him to repeat his accomplishments of the last half of last season and I don't think he has one yet. Instead, he was sacked six times and limited to an average of less than six yards on completions, never going for more than fifteen. 

State can improve - hell, this game was an improvement over last year's 34-0 loss to the Gamecocks, although they didn't have the excuse of losing Wilson this time - and the back-to-back D1-AA opponents in Murray State and Gardner-Webb will surely help, but if all the ACC hype leads o results like this, it'll be another long season.

On the other hand, maybe this is just happens when you treat your fight song like this. Not going to let ESPN and Kenny Chesney claim the musical abortion title just yet, are ya?