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A Couple Of Items

First of all I am traveling on business and will be Dallas, TX until Monday. Blogging from me will be somewhat light since my job will have me tied up and away from the computer until Sunday. And if anyone knows a good place in Dallas/Plano where I can watch the UNC-VT game Sunday night let me know via the contact form. I have doubts the hotel will have Fox Sports South in their channel lineup.

Secondly, a brief announcement concerning the blog itself. As THF approaches the four year mark I have decided it was time to shake things up a little and add something new to the blog from a content perspective since you people were probably sick of hearing from me all the time. So, allow me to introduce THF's newest contributor: Doc.

Doc(aka Daily Doc) has been doing some writing over at Thee Sports Blog where I am co-editor. I asked him if he would like to do the same at THF where he could be a little more partisan in his musings and he happily agreed. Doc is a North Carolina native and UNC graduate. He currently resides in the Triangle area and has been a reader at THF for awhile now.

Be sure to give him a warm welcome.