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Clemson 83 UNC 64


You guys don't need any deep analysis of this one. 27 FGs vs 26 turnovers usually means big freaking loss. And when the head coach has to take five minutes away from the game to instruct veteran players on how to break the press while the freshmen are on the court actually getting things done I have to wonder out loud why the heck those veterans even came back into the game. Now I know there is still value in players like Ed Davis, Larry Drew and even Will Graves. Deon Thompson and Marcus Ginyard? I am just not sure which is a shame since they are seniors. On one hand, this was going to be a hellacious game anyway given the Clemson press and the crowd. On the other hand, we have seen this move too many times already this season to simply dismiss it.

Or it is what it is and all you can do is find your happy place and stay there.