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Davis "Very Questionable" For NCSU Game

And my sanity is about the same.


He's just not at the level where he can really push of that ankle and jump off that leg. It's very questionable whether he'll play tomorrow night. In my mind it would have to be a significant improvement for him to play."

Williams said that he has continued to talk to Davis every day to keep his confidence up.

"He's frustrated by it there's no doubt about it. He was frustrated in the second half of the Georgia Tech game when he played a huge majority in the second half and only got one rebound. It's been frustrating for him."

What I don't understand is how Davis was 80-85% Wednesday night according to Roy Williams and give days later sounds as though he has regressed. I hate to ask the question but is it or does it seem like Tar Heel players are taking longer to get over their injuries? Or is the wrong timetable given initially which skews expectations? Then again maybe it is the "watched pot never boils" scenario. The healing times are perfectly normal it just seems longer because there is so much focus on it.

Going against NCSU without Davis is going to be interesting considering how well Tracy Smith has been playing. Smith carved up the Plumlee brothers from Duke last week and could do the same to UNC's weakened frontline.