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Heels Still Ranked...Barely

That annoying sound you heard was the sound of UNC's collective fingernails scraping the side of the Top 25 rankings as they slid down it. The Heels did manage to stay in the USA/Today Coaches Poll at #23 and the AP poll at #24. With that I am picturing the bus with two wheels off the edge of the cliff teetering back and forth. Jeff "I'm Not the Only One!" Goodman refused to drop UNC out of his Top 25 saying they still have two good wins(MSU and OSU) and five of the six losses came against very good teams which effectively nullifies the Charleston loss...for now. Of course UNC needs to start showing something along the lines of the way they played versus Michigan St and Ohio St. to stick around.

And making that task even harder is the fact Larry Drew and Ed Davis both missed Monday's morning practice due to injury. Davis sprained his ankle during the Georgia Tech came which Roy Williams thinks is why Davis failed to get a rebound during the final 15 minutes of game time. Drew hyperextended his knee also on Saturday.

The status of both players for Wake Forest is uncertain.