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I Wish It Were That Simple...


First of all, I like that Ed Davis feels he should take responsibility for the loss. Davis is right but only up to a point. Yes, if Davis doesn't go 2-11 and only score four points while grabbing a paltry four rebounds but instead dominates the middle, gets Trevor Booker in foul trouble and changes the dynamics of the game maybe UNC wins. However for any of that to happen, the guards specifically, need to take care of the basketball and every player on the court needs to execute better. Yes, Davis could have played better but when UNC perimeter cannot even get him the ball or spends most of the game passing the ball to drunk, orange painted students in the stands, I am not sure what else Davis could have done. The bottom line is they were shellshocked from the opening tip and while I appreciate Davis' desire to take the loss upon himself, I think there are larger issues here. Vexing ones. Ones that may not be easily resolved this side of a 1st round loss in the NCAA Tournament.