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Just a Reminder

Yes we are frustrated. Yes it is bordering on insanity to watch the same mistakes over and over. A season like this tends to test the standards of civil discussion on which this blog was launched. While I expect emotions will continue to run high as long as we see the Tar Heels struggle I do respectfully request that you adhere to some basic rules.

First of all I have little patience for openly insulting the players. Criticisms are fine and at this point it will be more negative than what this blog has seen in its life. That being said, treating UNC players like you might a player wearing a Duke uniform just doesn't fly. Altering player names to create a negative connotation simply will not fly. I understand the need to vent but we also have to understand these kids are wearing North Carolina on the uniform which demands a certain level of respect. These kids work hard, commit their time in practice. They commit their time to represent to university with clinics for kids and the Special Olympics. The pressure these guys deal with is a reality all by itself. As I said, criticisms are fine, especially as it applies to their play. Attacking the player himself just is not going to cut it so take note of who you are talking about before launching a salvo.

Secondly, keep it civil with one another which means not taking disagreements on points of debate personally. Bickering with each other is quite frankly stupid given how little all of this really matters. I also do not have the time to play referee so do me a favor and police yourselves. The years of recent success should cause us to have some patience in working through a season like this. Do your best to keep that mind going forward and let's see where this season goes.

In short: Be nice. Go Heels.