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Marvin Austin Returning; Update: Burney Also Returning

Update: Kendric Burney has said on Twitter that he also will be returning. Your move Quan.

According to Marvin Austin's Twitter feed he has decided to return for his senior year.

-Im bout to be ice cold next I may as well givem helll...hahahaha....oh yea.. Go to Hell state!!!

-Its officially..official..hahahahaha...yea I could go get paid but in some things it aint all about the money...I love carolina point blank!

-if u were wondering.......I will be a tarheel for 2010!!!!!!!

Bruce Carter and Deunta Williams have already indicated they are coming back. That leaves Kendric Burney and Quan Sturdivant as the two remaining(and dare I say most important) pieces of the defensive puzzle. If all the juniors end up coming back, the defense will be a beast or rather more of a beast than it was this season.