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No One Is Giving Up

A couple of quotes from postgame last night. First, Roy Williams, despite this being very close to "new territory" for him said they are going to keep working.

"It's something we haven't been through, it's something we're not enjoying going through. I didn't give them a long speech after the game. I told them, 'We have no chance if we fold. We have no chance if we give in. I'm not going to do that.' We're going to practice at 3:30 tomorrow and we're going to try to have a great practice. We're going to try to keep working every single day, and someway, somehow, try to find a way to fight out of it. It was hard for us, there's no question."

Travis Wear, for his part, gets it.

"I think we need to take things more personal on the court. We're North Carolina basketball, we're not supposed to lose. As soon as guys start giving their all on the court, I think we'll be fine ... To get three straight losses in a row is unacceptable."


"I've still got North Carolina on my chest and I need to produce like a North Carolina player and play like a North Carolina player. ... Making my first start, I was excited coming in and knew I had to produce.

Wear is the second Tar Heel to talk about reaching a point where everyone on the team is giving their all. Graves was the first. Obviously this is an issue of some import given it has now been mentioned twice. Something need to change if that is the case but it is also possible we are looking at a lack of talent or talent that is grossly underdeveloped which will be near impossible to fix. Still, if we can take one sign of improvement away it was they came out to play from the start. The second half got a little ragged and Ed Davis' absence put the Heels at a disadvantage on the blocks. However, as Carolina March pointed out, there are signs of life. The question is can the flame be fanned enough to get this team on their feet?