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Tennessee Eyeing Withers?

ESPN SEC blogger Chris Low is reporting that Tennessee coach Derek Dooley might be interested in UNC defensive coordinator Everett Withers to round out his staff:

He’s swung and missed on a couple of big names for his defensive coordinator, most recently Clemson’s Kevin Steele, but one of the guys to keep an eye on now is North Carolina defensive coordinator Everett Withers.

It’s unlikely anything would happen until after signing day, but Withers has an impressive résumé and has been a defensive coordinator at three different schools. He’s headed up North Carolina’s defense the past two seasons and also coached defensive backs, but he was the defensive coordinator at Minnesota in 2007 and the defensive coordinator at Louisville from 1995-97. He's also coached in the NFL.

I won't tell you the first thought that came into my head when I saw the blurb on Twitter. What the heck. My first thought was: "Yes, please"

Then I pondered it and there are obviously some factors that make Withers staying more desirable despite some of the questions surrounding Withers ability to adjust mid-game to wide open receivers in the flat on 3rd down or his love for that stupid game losing prevent.

First of all, this is a stacked defense returning almost all of the key players from one of the top ten units in the country. They will be experienced and they are also accustomed to Withers' scheme and him as the defensive coordinator. Having these guys learn a new scheme might rock the boat a bit too much, especially for the seniors who would see their 3rd DC since arriving at UNC. This is a door that swings both ways. It benefits the players to have continuity and I would think Withers will want to stay and coach six potential NFL players. That is bound to be a better deal than working for a guy that has 10-26 and fired in three years written on his forehead. The other issue is the possibility that Butch Davis would not be able to find a suitable replacement this late in the game. Spring practice will be upon us in weeks and changing out a coordinator at this point would create more upheaval than it is probably worth.

Still, it bears watching but as Low points out, nothing will happen prior to signing day.