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UNC 77 NCSU 63

Well it is about time.

Let's be very clear up front. This is only one game. NCSU is not a good team the win over Duke not withstanding. One game does not a season make. As UNC fans we are well acquainted with that idea when it comes to losses so now we must give the same consideration to a win. Still, you have to start somewhere and keep a rival under the heel of the boot where they have been in every game but one in the Roy Williams era is just as good a place as any.

Overall UNC played smarter, took better care of the basketball and got huge games from Deon Thompson, Larry Drew, Dexter Strickland and Ed Davis who all scored in double figures. In fact I would argue those four could carry this team a long way, especially if you get solid contributions from the likes of Will Graves, the Wears and John Henson. Deon Thompson brought it. Period. That is the level of play that is expected of a senior leader and he gave it at key moments. Likewise Drew and Strickland combined for 32 points, eight assists(seven from Drew) and only three turnovers. Davis played in pain but did good work on the boards and hit some key shots. The player of the night strangely was the one who only had two points and seven minutes. John Henson had three crucial blocks while showing signs of being aggressive on the offensive end. Henson's defense was a spark for the team. At the same time it looked like the light bulb coming on for the freshman.

On the flip side, Marcus Ginyard continues to have a season that would make Jason Capel feel uncomfortable. Besides some rebounds and a charge call, Ginyard's value on the court continues to be questioned on a regular basis. It is difficult to understand, at least from the stats I have access to, why Strickland did not play 28 mins and Ginyard 17. Unless this is the Bobby Frasor Rule in effect which is fine with the likes of Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansbrough on the floor. When the options are more limited, Ginyard lack of production is glaring. At some point I would think that warrants less time on the court but Roy Williams continues to defy that particular logic.

From here UNC gets Virginia at home with a chance at 3-3 in the ACC. At this point UNC has to take these games one at a time. The win at home is crucial to keep the momentum rolling.