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UNC at NC State

Where: RBC Center, Raleigh, NC
When: Tuesday, January 26th, 9:00 PM
TV: Raycom or ESPN360
Livestats: SCACC Hoops
Records: UNC 12-7, 1-3 ACC; NCSU 13-7, 2-4

At this point no one knows if Ed Davis will play. If I read the signs correctly, I would say he is not playing. Roy Williams said on Monday there was additional swelling last Thursday and Davis' ability to push off the ankle is suspect. It would take some significant improvement to see him on the court at the RBC Center. If that is the case, UNC will once again face a team with a legitimate physical interior talent without arguably their best big man. NCSU's Tracy Smith is a beast. Smith did pretty much what he wanted to do versus Duke. Of course Duke opted to not double team. I imagine UNC will which will probably result in open always does. Open threes and NCSU playing UNC is never a good combination.

The bottom line here? I don't have one. Seriously. Not to parrot Roy but they have to play better and you will know it when you see it. It might happen tonight or it might happen ten months from now.Who knows. At any rate, I am going for the reverse mojo here with the prediction. Let's see how this works out.

NCSU 77 UNC 68

What's that? It is not really reverse mojo if I call it ahead of time? Well crap!