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Zeller Out With Stress Fracture

And I am going to be out with a cranial fracture from banging my head against the freaking wall.

Tyler Zeller has been diagnosed with a stress fracture in his right foot according to Roy Williams. Zeller did not play versus Clemson and was examined back in Chapel Hill on Thursday following the Heels journey the Mines of Moria. The prognosis is four to six weeks which is another huge chunk of the season Zeller will miss. Maybe Zeller should have taken the redshirt last season after all.

Certainly this impacts post depth and Zeller had some good moments. I am sure he would have been effective against certain ACC teams due to his size and skills. Yeah, his ability to hold onto the ball was in question but name me a Tar Heel big man right now where that is not a question? Anyway, it sucks for him since he will effectively lose another month and a half of playing time after losing two and half months last season.

One more thing. Can we seriously look at the Dean Dome floor and practice facilities? I lost count of the number of foot/shin injuries suffered by Tar Heel players in the past four years or so. Yes, some of them are basketball injuries like sprained ankles or freak ones such as Ty Lawson running into a basket support. Still, this is starting to look like an epidemic.