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And When I Came Back It Seems Like It Only Got Worse

My UNC-Duke experience was very odd this time around. I am sitting on the tarmac at Incheon International Airport in South Korea(three hours waiting for de-icing) asking for score updates from a buddy at the game. The same friend who told me he had a spare ticket he would have offered me had I not been halfway across the world. Such is life. I got the final word at around 11:00 AM on Thursday in Korea that the Heels had lost in a low scoring, ugly game. Then again any UNC game played this season can be described as ugly. The one against Maryland sure was and I was a fool to sit in front of a laptop at 4:00 AM local time to watch it. Of course I could not sleep so I guess I had to do something.

Anyway, I have returned and added another member to the family. No, at eight months old he is not eligible or able to play on the perimeter for the Heels. It appears since I left UNC has gotten somewhat worse or rather more erratic. I noted during the Maryland game they could be good at times and five minutes later play like a bad high school team. From all accounts they showed up to play versus Duke but the offense sputter and Duke had to many perimeter weapons. The loss to Duke I think officially puts all UNC fans in thinking about next year mode. Why? Because even going 3-5 over the final seven regular season games and once ACC Tournament match-up to attain a 16-16 mark that would make UNC eligible for the NIT seems like long odds. Stranger things have happened and yes, that is all we are left with is hoping for strange things to make this team something they have not been all season. Unless Tyler Zeller's return is some kind of magic salve but I doubt it. Oh and another UNC player hurt an ankle. I really think a new shoe might be the first priority in the offseason.

Oh and Roy Williams is apparently drawing fire for some Haiti comparison or something. I am really too tired to track that down but needless to say he needs a vacation and bad.

Anyway, many thanks to Doc and C.Michael for keeping the store while I was spending most of the time on a completely different day than the rest of you. I will press back into service here by Saturday at the latest when I really hope UNC can spare us all from having to hear any crowing from Wolfpack nation. I don't mind being humbled. I don't mind suffering a bad season. Losing to NCSU is a too much on top of those things.