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Buster Sports: Drew Thinking About Transferring

According to "reliable sources."

Now reliable sources close to the situation tell Buster that if TarHeel point guard Larry Drew II were to "make a decision today" he would transfer out of Chapel Hill and head back home to the West Coast, with either UCLA or USC being likely possible destinations.

Oddly enough, Drew's girlfriend, Bria Murphy (the daughter of Eddie Murphy), is believed to be an influential figure on where the PG will attend school in 2010-11; word on the street is that she plans to enroll at Chapel Hill, but if she can be persuaded into staying in California, it'll make Drew's decision all the much easier.

Bear in mind, too, that this decision ISN'T being made today -- Drew certainly wouldn't bounce from Chapel Hill until after the season ends (ACC Tournament time?) at the earliest, and likely closer to the close of the semester.

But our sources have also indicated that Drew is extremely unhappy in Chapel Hill and that his parents are involved with the program in "an unhealthy way" which certainly hasn't endeared him to Roy and which is what will likely facilitate him getting out of town.

Two things.

Frist of all, Buster Sports doesn't always have the best track record of accuracy. Last season they posted that Tyler Hansbrough was still injured midway through the season. During the Harrison Barnes recruitment they posted all sorts of inaccurate information about Roy Williams' late visit to Barnes in Ames, IA on the last day before the dead period. That is not to say they are inaccurate here but the previous stories calls the grain of salt rule into effect.

Secondly, much like the Ed Davis rumor I posted last week, this kind of stuff pops during a bad season. You can easily label these rumors of convenience meaning they have some air of credibility because the season is so bad there must be crap like this going on. When you look at this story, your automatic reaction is: Well that is not surprising. I have to admit, if this were true, especially the part about Drew's parents being involved in a "unhealthy way" it would explain a great many things.

However, before you go there, the question is whether this is true. I honestly have no idea. As I said above, the state of the team and this season gives any story or rumor about unhappiness in the program. I also think this story is a bit too perfect. It has all the elements. A unhappy player, under fire for poor play, meddling parents and a girlfriend whose decision on where to attend school hold the key to where the player might end up. The fact this is coming to light now before the season even ends strikes me as odd as well.

If this proves true or if Drew ends up leaving, I would consider it a major blow. UNC would once again be facing a situation with only one legitimate PG and then Dexter Strickland being the backup. Despite Drew's struggles this season, I honestly believe he will benefit from having another true PG on the roster to take some of the pressure off while simultaneously motivating him. Not to mention, give the injury issues faced by the program, heading into another season without perimeter depth is not a place I am interesting in going.