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Doherty On The Edge...Again

Since it feels like we are reliving the 8-20 season in some ways, it is interesting to note that former UNC coach Matt Doherty let his emotions get the best of him when his SMU Mustangs lost at Memphis over the weekend.

This past weekend Doherty took his miserable SMU team to play Memphis. When the Tigers had a late lead in the second half, the fans decided to verbally let Doherty know about it. Doherty decided, to fire back some comments of his own....

"At least I went to a real college and not Memphis Tech!" he shouted.

"At least my guys actually take their SATs!" he yelled back.

And who can forget, "At least they've never changed the name of my school!"

But the worst of it, according to Brandon Shields of the Jackson Sun, was the heated exchange he had with coach Josh Pastner after the game. Apparently Doherty wouldn't stop talking about a scuffle between players just before the game ended. He and Pastner shouted at each other until they reached the floor exit to head to the locker room.

All that was lacking was calling the Memphis cheerleaders "ugly." Something tells me the writing is on the wall for Doh at SMU. I have seen very little evidence of the program getting any traction. As Doherty is painfully aware, if you are losing and you introduce questionable behavior into the mix, you put yourself on a precarious limb,