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Ed Davis Out Six Weeks

Which means Ed Davis will be out for the rest of the season since there is a good chance this season will end on ACC Tournament Thursday.

Ed Davis has suffered a broken bone in his left wrist and joins pretty much half team as Tar Heels who have missed games this season due to injury. Davis injured the wrist during a collision against Duke. He played the rest of the game with it taped.

I hereby dubbed this "The Lost Season" Seriously, has any program gone from the top of the mountain one season to a season filled with lackluster performances, tons of losing and multiple injuries the next? It is nothing short of shocking to watch what has transpired over the last five months.

So if this team was not in "developing for next year mode" before they are now. The other question here is whether this means Davis will return for next season. His draft status to this point has been based on potential and I am not sure he has done enough this season to distinguish himself as a major draft pick. Obviously Davis will gather information from both his father and Roy Williams to determine whether he should return or not.