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FSU 77 UNC 67

First of all, THF did have a semi-major issue for about an hour tonight. It would appear the blog itself was so fed up with this season it just quit on me. Not really thought it sure seemed that way. There were issues which tech support over at Bluehost was kind enough to resolve in a timely manner. Big thanks to them.

I did not see the game since I was at the circus. It is interesting the discussions we have had on here about stats vs eyeball test. The box score does not look horrific though I do see tell-tale signs of the same crap that has been happening all season. Things like over half the rebounds coming from the two and three spots on the floor and not from, you know, big men. Deon Thompson disappears amid the Seminole trees. Marcus Ginyard does very little offensively but he did pull ten boards. Larry Drew had a nice assist game, only had three turnovers but was ineffective on the offensive end besides. John Henson and Will Graves look like the only two that showed up. Tyler Zeller is still not back and probably won't be this season in a meaningful way. Dexter Strickland struggled mightily with three turnovers.

So basically, it was Henson and Graves with little support from anyone else scoring wise though Drew's assists and Ginyard's rebounds were at least something.

At least on a positive note, this means the silver uniforms will probably never be used again.