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Game of right now - UPDATED

See update at the end of post...

Despite the "Snowmageddon" that has gripped northern Virginia, D.C., and Maryland, tomorrow's UNC-Maryland game is expected to go on as scheduled, according to ACC Now.

Robbi Pickeral of the N&O reports that Karl Hicks, head of ACC men's basketball operations, told her that as of 1:30 Saturday, he is confident the game will go on as scheduled. Pickeral notes:

"I think it will be played …the snow is supposed to stop tonight,’’ he said. " But if it goes unabated for the rest of the afternoon, all night long and into the day tomorrow, which they’re not calling for, then a situation could arise where you might have some personnel or officials that couldn’t get there. But as of right now, we’re set to go."

Hicks said that as long as the teams, officials, and the people who administer the games – meaning the table crews and game operations folks – are in place, ACC policy is to play the game. Both teams are in town. As for officials, Hicks said one lives in nearby Silver Spring, Md., and the two others are working at today’s games at Virginia and Virginia Tech.

"They’ve got the rest of the afternoon to get there, and we’ve got back-up officials in the area if we need to call them,’’ he said.

UPDATE: Carolina has been in town since yesterday and got in a workout on Friday evening, and after a morning walkthrough in a hotel meeting room, was finally able to get to the Comcast Center for practice.