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Henson: No Definitive Leader

John Henson was asked the following question last night:

Who would say is the leader in the locker room right now?

Henson's answer:

I wouldn't say we have a definitive leader but probably Marcus, Deon and Will.

This is not going to come as a huge shock to anyone here. The lack of leadership has been evident and when a freshman player has to pause, admits there is not just one guy and then rattles of the three most veteran players on the team as "probably" the leaders, you probably have a major leadership void.

In fact I would just skip including Ginyard and Thompson in the equation. I think Graves has shown some leadership. I have seen him talking the freshmen up on the court and I also think he is giving it all he can out there. If we are talking about next year then Graves has the opportunity to step up and fill the void. I also think the player who was asked the question has some leadership qualities based other answers he gave:

How hard is it to come to practice every day right now?

"It's not hard, because you always want to get better as a basketball player and you love the game, so it's not a problem for me coming to practice every day. Just going to keep working and hopefully keep getting better."

What do you think is going to have to happen in the offseason for you guys to be Carolina again?

I think a lot has to happen and it will happen. We have to work hard. It's not really just the team, we are just kind of in this funk and its kind of hard to get out of it right now. But I think we will be fine next year with players coming in and the players in the locker room right now.

Henson is very well spoken and handles himself in front of the media very well. As evidenced in his play over the past few games since moving to the four, he is working hard to make himself a better player and doing his part in the game. If the rest of the team can catch what he has, they might not save this season but they certainly will save the next one.

Source: Inside Carolina