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Possible Torn Labrum For David Wear

That's it.

I give up.

If this were a war, this team would have been declared combat ineffective and moved off the battlefield.

Roy Williams said during his radio show Monday night that they are awaiting test results to determine whether or not Wear's bad hip is actually a torn labrum. If that is the case the freshman forward is done for the season....such as it is.

Yet another injury raises the question of whether there is something going on with the training program at UNC that might be making Tar Heel players more susceptible to injuries. Right now it seems that is the case but sometimes perception is not reality. Obviously certain injuries like broken wrists, toes jammed in basket supports, Ryan Reid wrestling players to the floor and Bobby Frasor blowing his knee out are the type of injuries that no one can do anything about. The sprained ankles are a common basketball injury however the suggestion has been made that UNC's Jordan team shoes might not be helping. The same goes for the mysterious foot injury of Marcus Ginyard or the fact Tyler Zeller ended up with a stress fracture in the foot. Tyler Hansbrough's shin issues which flared up in the early part of last season and again after he left UNC could have simply been overtraining.

We could obviously speculate as to the cause of these injuries. Too much strength and conditioning work? Just a freak run of injuries? Or could it be that the change in the head trainer which occurred after the 2008 season has something to do with it. Based on what we have seen there appear to be more injuries in the almost two seasons since Marc Davis left than the first five years he worked under Roy Williams. Of course the nature and cause of the injuries matter a great deal. I do think plenty of questions have been raised as to why Marcus Giyard's original foot injury took so long to heal then required surgery and then Ginyard still did not make it back. Now, I have no idea what goes on in the training room at UNC. Therefore I cannot say definitively that preventive measures and treatments used by the current staff are inadequate. I am merely pointing out that there appears to be a significant uptick in player injures since Marc Davis left and Chris Hirth took over.