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Does Anyone Know Where I Can Watch UNC-Duke In Korea?

It dawned on me after I had posted the game preview that it left the impression I had something bad going on. Nothing could be further from the truth. On Thursday, Tar Heel Wife and I received a call that Tar Heel Son #2 was ready for us to go to Korea and pick him up. So off we go to Seoul, Korea for six days which will be really weird because not only will I be there during the Super Bowl but also during College Basketball Armageddon 2010, Part I. In fact, I think we are due to depart Korea when the game is starting which means I won't know who wins until the 12-13 hour flight is over. As a part of the trip we are bringing gifts to the foster family and others. Yes, one of the gifts is a 2009 NCAA Championship hat.

As for the blog, Doc and C.Michael are going to run the show here and at the very least give you the game previews and threads for your commenting pleasure. They also have been give access to the Ban Hammer in case any of you get out of line. In the meantime be good and I will see you in a week.

Go Heels!