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So I Guess Now We Discuss The NIT

According to Carolina March there is a wild, unsubstantiated rumor afoot that UNC has already quietly accepted a bid to play in the NIT. Like CM, I am not sure how that jives with the stated selection process. I am also quite sure that would lead to all sorts of whining across the board if that were the case. The selection procedures for the NIT can be found here. If you wander over there and read it you will discover that a winning record is no longer a prerequisite to enter the NIT and given UNC's fan base it is a safe bet they will be included unless they lose all the remaining games and end up 14-18(and that, my friends, is quite possible.)

The website NIT-ology has done a projection of the brackets. As of last week UNC was listed as a sixth seed in one of the regions.

I know what some of you are going to say: "I am not watching the NIT." That's fine but look at it this way. The more games they can play the more it helps to develop the younger players. This will basically be like a bowl game where you can some extra practice and playing in a win or go home atmosphere, even if it is the NIT, is still pressure they need to learn to handle.

Sigh...I just had to add a category called "NIT"

Yeah, this season really sucks.