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This Should Kill A Few Hours Of Your Time

I am talking about this website: NCAA Vault.

This site has every game from the Sweet Sixteen through the title game during the past ten years.

In a nostalgic mood? Take in UNC beating Tulsa in 2000 or either of the national titles this past decade.

Feel like torturing yourself? The Kansas and Georgetown Games are available for viewing.

Also, I want to call Roy Williams out on something he was mistaken about. Roy once called Danny Green's three pointer with six minutes left and UNC up ten versus Georgetown the worst shot in college basketball history. Wrong. Jackie Manuel's three pointer with 1:30 left and UNC leading Villanova by five was worse mainly because Manuel was a horrible shooter and at least in Green's defense, he could hit threes and had that shot gone down it would have been a dagger. Manuel could have passed off to Marvin Williams on the block and he would have had a better look. The only justification for Manuel was that he was wide open(with good reason) and the shot clock was at ten. Still, it was not a good shot. And looking back at the Georgetown game, the dirty little secret about Green's missed three was that UNC got the rebound, ran about 5-10 seconds then tossed it into Brandan Wright for a quick turnaround hook which he missed. So it is a bit unfair to rip Green for that shot when essentially it did no harm.

Oh in the Villanova game Bill Rafftery said multiple times that the travel call at the end was correct and even says during the replay: "Count the pivot feet...yeah three." So suck on that your conspiracy wielding, whining ABCers. Onions!