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UNC at Boston College

Where: Conte Forum, Chestnut Hill, MA
When: Saturday, February 20th, 12:00 PM
Livestats: SCACC Hoops
Records: UNC 14-12, 3-8 ACC; BC 12-13, 3-8 ACC

Having had the proverbial rug pulled out from under us following yet another win over NC State, it is tough to know what to think about this game. There is absolutely no frame of reference on which to base any kind of prediction for this team's performance, well at least in terms of hoping for a win. That is the point I think most of us are at. There is little to go on here, especially after the debacle in Atlanta. That being said, despite UNC's struggles, BC has had its own set of issues, arguably worse than UNC's given some of the bad losses on the Eagles' schedule.

One major issue for UNC in this game is the fact BC uses the flex offense which gave the Heels problems when they had some of the best teams in the country three years running. I can only imagine how this team, which seems to have trouble executing on either end will handle it. That and the fact BC's Reggie Jackson is below 30% from three which means he will end up 6-10 or something from outside the arc. BC has enough athletes to give the Heels fit, especially with the present lack of Ed Davis and depth in general.

On the plus side, UNC gets Tyler Zeller back but I have serious doubts as to how effective he will be or even if his conditioning is on par. Obviously Zeller will be rusty. He will also be out of sync with his teammates and vice versa. Maybe in this bizzaro basketball season, the opposite will be true. In fact I think Roy Williams might want to consider the George Constanza theory of opposites. If everything you are doing is wrong then the opposite must be right. So whatever Roy thinks is right he should do the opposite....and that means calling timeouts.

Hopefully UNC can get a win and improve their conference position. If by some miracle this team somehow figures itself out and can make an ACC Tournament run, it would be easier to do that from seventh or eight than 10th or 11th. Also, I loathe BC possibly more than I do NCSU right now. Yeah, I am still not over 1994.

UNC 66 BC 64