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Virginia Tech 74 UNC 70

You can at least say this. Instead of losing the game because they didn't put forth the effort or failed to show up they lost because they really couldn't catch a break or get a key shot to fall. Oh yeah, they still turn the ball over entirely too much and they did not play the greatest defense in the world. Still, I find myself not overly upset with the result. Maybe I am just comfortably numb.

Instead of focusing in the crappy stuff such as berating Marcus Ginyard(who was slightly better) or Deon Thompson let's bask in the glow of John Henson and David Wear. Especially Henson who looked like the player we all thought was coming to Chapel Hill. To quote John McClane: "Welcome to the party, pal!" Henson was very good, especially on offense. Likewise David Wear was a part of a huge performance from the bench. The question is whether these two continue to perform like that. I sure hope so because Henson is fun to watch.

Dexter Strickland had an odd game. He only had one point, one assist and seven rebounds? Didn't see that coming. Ed Davis was the only regular that played well dropping in 15 points, seven rebounds and three blocks. Will Graves simply could not find the range and had that last three spend about three seconds inside the cylinder before popping out. Yeah, that about sums it up. Larry Drew had a great first half but was effectively contained by the Hokies in the 2nd half, had six assists but ended up with four turnovers.

I would venture to say this team looks like they might turn the corner but we all thought that after the NCSU game. I liked the toughness they showed to rally after doing the deer in the headlights impersonation to start the game. The bugaboo for this team has been consistency so the real test comes Sunday at Maryland to see if they can locate some.