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Wear Could Return; Wear Could Be Out

According to Roy Williams, Travis Wear could return for UNC on Wednesday against Florida St but brother David Wear will likely miss the game with a hip injury.

"I don't think we'll have David at all for Wednesday night,'' Williams said. " In fact, they're going to do some tests ... tonight. ... I don't think we'll have David Wednesday unless things really change."

Williams said he didn't think there was one specific incident that caused David Wear's injury: "He's been having some clicking feeling, sound, in his hip, and it's been bothering him a little while ... it's just been bothering him for the last week. Friday, it bothered him during stretching. It was not with a basketball, it was not 5-on-5, it wasn't even 2-on-2. It starting bothering him, hurting him a great deal, during the stretching. We took him out and held him out the rest of the way."

For the sake of brevity I will list the scholarship players who have not missed a game this season due to injury assuming David Wear does not play on Wednesday:

Deon Thompson
John Henson
Larry Drew
Leslie McDonald

Everyone else has missed something at some point. If you are keeping score at home here are the injuries suffered by members of the 2010 Tar Heels:

Hip injury
Sprained ankle(four players)
Sore foot
Stress fracture in the foot
Broken wrist
Hamstring injury

And yes, I have noted that some sort of catastrophic knee injury requiring six months of rehab is conspicuously absent and I pray that it will continue to be so.