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Zeller Will Play vs Boston College

Just in time for a last ditch attempt to pull this plane out of a nosedive, right?[/livinginafantasyworld]

Roy Williams confirmed that Tyler Zeller will play on Saturday versus Boston College. How much or effectively Zeller will play considering the three inches of rust that is presently covering his game, is anyone's guess. There is also a matter of his conditioning which probably took a bit of a hit though Zeller was one of the leaders in the pre-season conditioning work. Still, this is at least a move in the right direction and hopefully Zeller can provide some productive minutes for a team struggling to do anything productive on the offensive end.

Travis Wear is not yet available and no word on when he might be back on the court.

Other tidbits from the press conference:

  • Roy said the Ed Davis/Agent flap was ultimately harmless and that he had spoken to Davis, Davis' father Terry and the agent. He also said he is not really high on most agents' lists which should give some idea how the phone conversation with this particular agent probably went. Roy also told the team that when you are basketball player at the University of North Carolina there is nothing small or harmless.
  • Despite the disappointing effort at Georgia Tech, Roy does not think his team has resigned to simply "play out" the rest of the season.
  • Roy's interest in the ACC Tournament is now at an all-time high. He also believes they can still make a run for the NCAA Tournament though it is "cloudy"
  • On top of everything else, Roy apparently has a cold and is losing his voice.
  • Roy lamented the fact that the team does not seem to be playing as hard as they could.
  • If you were playing Roy Press Conference Bingo put chips on: confidence, golf, dadgum, big-time, compete and some form of playing better/doing better.