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ACC Quarterfinals Open Thread

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ACC Tournament Friday. This most sacred of days in North Carolina will most notably be missing the North Carolina from it for the first time since 1979 when UNC had a bye. It will include Duke and NC State which pretty much means our interactions with our rival fans is going to suck into the near future. That is unless Virginia, in particular can deal a major blow the the Blue Devils today at noon. NCSU winning bothers me less because those people have suffered enough.

#1 Duke vs #9 Virginia, 12:00 PM
#4 Virginia Tech vs #12 Miami, approx. 2:30 PM
#2 Maryland vs #7 Georgia Tech, 7:00 PM
#3 FSU vs #11 NC State, approx 9:30 PM

Comments if you have them. If not try to enjoy your day without thinking about this season too much.