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At least someone is winning something...

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That someone would be Harrison Barnes, and the something is the 2010 Morgan Wooten Player of the Year. In an entry to his ESPN blog, Christopher Lawlor notes that the award is not only a reward for Barnes' skill on the court, but also his character off of it:

The future Tar Heel bagged the prestigious honor for his presence on and off the court. When he's not electrifying crowds in Iowa gyms, Barnes is involved in DECA (marketing, management, entrepreneurship club) and Students Helping Eliminate Poverty and Hunger (SHEPH). He also participated in the 2009 Mid-Iowa Community Action Agency Food Drive, serves as an algebra tutor and leads a weekly Bible study.

There is still no word yet on how Barnes' is progressing developing a cure for the swine flu or balancing the US budget... But seriously, it does sound like Barnes is a terrific kid, on top of being an elite talent, and it will be a lot of fun watching his tenure as a Tar Heel. More importantly, one does not become involved with entrepreneurial activities if they are uncomfortable being a leader and unwilling to put in the work, both of which are qualities that the Tar Heel nation will welcome with open arms next season.

Congratulations, Mr. Barnes!!