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Barnes and Bullock Win States Titles

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Future Tar Heels Harrison Barnes and Reggie Bullock enjoyed outstanding days in their respective state title games.

In Raleigh, Reggie Bullock lead Kinston to the 2-A State Championship with a 51-29 win over West Caldwell HS. Bullock had 15 points and according to various reports from THF readers in attendance, Bullock will bring something to the table next season. Not only is Bullock a great shooter but he works hard on defense and plays well within the team flow. Word is John Henson, Dexter Strickland, Leslie McDonald, Larry Drew and Ed Davis were in attendance. Roy Williams was also there to see Bullock win a title.

Meanwhile out in Iowa, Harrison Barnes' Ames High School team registered their 53rd straight win and 2nd straight 4-A title. According to the Ames Tribune live blog, Roy Williams was in attendance there as well. In case you are keeping track, Roy watched Bullock win his title then hopped a plane to Iowa to see Barnes win his championship. Barnes scored 12 of his 19 points in the first quarter to take Ames to a 22-9 lead. By all accounts it was pretty much over at that point.

It should be noted that last week Kendall Marshall also won a state title in Virginia.

While I have no evidence to back this up, I think having players who come in having won at the previous level is a bonus. All these guys have been in championship games and won the biggest prize at their respective level. Next season UNC has three players coming in who know what it takes to win a title. Yes, the game is different but winning is winning. If they can translate that and their games in short order it will be huge.

Congrats to Barnes, Bullock and Marshall on their individual and team accomplishments. Now, hurry up and graduate so you can get to campus and begin working on making us all forget this season.