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Roy Williams during his postgame press conference:

I told them if they take this and learn something from it and change then you can still get something. But if you just say "oh well" you're not going get anything from it. You're not going get anything from it if it hurts if you don't change and we've got to change our behavior. Even the last play of the game I am trying to run a play for James Gallagher because he hasn't scored all year along. We can't even listen and pass the message along to the other people. But if you can take something that's this bad and hurt from it and learn from it and change, then you got something you can take. But if you don't change then you are not going to get anything from it.

Now let me say upfront that Roy Williams has made his share of mistakes with this team. The handling of John Henson and Dexter Strickland are the foremost. We could also spend a day and half talking about whether mistakes were made recruiting. Roy's part in this mess is evident. That being said, the above quote screams at how crappy the attitudes on this team have been. If the head coach is hoping that a 32 point loss to an archrival during the last regular season game might be something they can use to change their behavior that tells you all you need to know about this team. In other words, the loss to College of Charleston, the humiliation at Clemson, vs Virginia, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech on and on and on were not enough bring some sort of change to how the players on this team conduct themselves. Hey, maybe getting ripped by Duke will do it!

On the bright side, there is one hope. Maybe we will be able to forget this season as quickly as we forgot the national title run of 2009.