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Drew says UNC fans "spoiled"[UPDATED]

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UPDATE[THF]: Larry Drew has posted an apology of sorts on Twitter.

I'm sorry yall, I jus been bored out my mind lol. To all the real carolina fans out there, jus kno I see nd I love all yall for the support

I guess he realized how much he stepped in it. My biggest problem with what Drew said is he lacks the credibility and capital with the fan base to call them out. If we were talking about Danny Green saying something like this, it would be different because his actions on the court, his attitude and leadership give him leeway. Drew does not enjoy that leeway.

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Uh-oh, this is not going to sit well with the anti-Larry Drew crowd.

The News and Observer's Robbi Pickeral  posted in the ACC Now blog about whether or not UNC will even qualify for the NIT. Buried at the end of the piece is a question posed to LD2 about those UNC fans who want Carolina to turn down an NIT bid even if it were offered. This was Drew's telling response:

"To those people, honestly, to those people, I would say that they can't have their way all the time. Some people are just so spoiled, man. Especially Carolina fans, just because, you know, the whole tradition. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just the way it is. But to those fans: Yes, we haven't been performing up to the standards of the usual North Carolina basketball team, but we can't be perfect all the time, and we're human, too."

To his credit, Pickeral notes that Drew said he wants to continue playing so the team can improve and maybe salvage some of the disappointment of the season. And I'm sure he is bearing the weight of the frustration of the season, as has been noted many times here that as uptight as we get as fans, we are not living this disappointment like the coaches and players are.

But there's none of what you would like to hear him say that would give you hope for the future - "we've got to take responsibility", "we've got to get back to work", etc., as was heard from John Henson. Drew is basically telling UNC fans to get over it and not to worry about, you know, the whole tradition. Really not what you would want to hear from the starting point guard at the University of North Carolina just 11 months removed from its 5th NCAA title, and may be a revealing glimpse into why the team has gone 5-13 since January.

The N&O's Foul Shots column (usually written by Joe Giglio but uncredited online) sums up what will probably be most Carolina fans' response to Drew:

Of all of Larry Drew II's miscues this season, calling Tar Heels fans "spoiled" may be his biggest. No matter how true that may be, for the love of Jason Capel, don't say it out loud.

If anything, that bar has been set high because fans are used to watching players a heck of a lot better than Drew is.

The good news for Drew is that he won't find those kind of expectations at Pepperdine next year.