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Ginyard: Yeah, We Were Screwed From Day One

Pretty much.

Adam Lucas picked up a few choice quotes from Marcus Ginyard yesterday. I am speculating that Ginyard must have received some blessing from Roy Williams to let it all hang out. This is where I miss Danny Freakin' Green since his quotes would have been far more entertaining. Then again, if this team had Danny Freakin' Green, they would not be 16-15 and not just because of Green's on the court awesomeness. Anyway, I am not a big believer in coincidences so you can begin drawing up the conspiracy theories on Ginyard letting it drop that UNC got throttled by 30 in the preseason scrimmage versus Vanderbilt mainly because no one gave a crap while Roy is talking about player's not being committed to the instruction they received. And for those who have wondered about one of those vaunted "players only meetings" to cure what ailed them? They had one then and apparently it did not matter. SMH

Two weeks after media day, Williams's team had a closed scrimmage against an outside opponent. They were clearly outplayed, leading to a players-only meeting when the team returned to Chapel Hill.

"That scrimmage was terrible," Marcus Ginyard said. "That was the whole season right there in that scrimmage. It was exactly the way this whole year has gone down. We were playing a good team and we weren't ready to play when we got there. We got our butt kicked the very first time we stepped on the court together."


"We were like, `There is no way we can get beat by 30 points the very first time we're playing,'" he said. "How are we not super-pumped to be playing? As soon as we got back we had a meeting in the locker room. We said, `This is how it's supposed to go down. We have to play better than this and more together than this.' Even more indicative of the year, nothing really changed after that."

On one hand, Roy says the players are not committed to doing the things they are instructed to do during games. Ginyard is saying they lacked fire, never changed attitudes following an embarrassing scrimmage loss and lacked any cohesion as a team.

With that kind of crap going on, it makes you wonder how they made it to 16-15.