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Help Is On The Way; Davis Gone?

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UNC's trio of recruits, Harrison Barnes, Reggie Bullock and Kendall Marshall took part in McDonald's All-American Game competitions on Monday. All three did quite well.

Reggie Bullock and Harrison Barnes finished 2nd and 3rd in the three point shooting contest losing out to uncommitted Cory Joseph. In the skills competition Harrison Barnes and Kendall Marshall were beaten out by Michigan St. recruit Kevin Appling. In case you were wondering, the skills competition required you do the following skills while being timed:

Dribbling cone drill
Complete three passes through a target
Hit a three pointer
Another layup

Marshall and Barnes both did it in about 30 seconds. Yes, Barnes being 6-8 and able to do all those things in about 30 seconds is darn impressive.

Check out the Memphis Commercial Appeal blog for a full run down of the competitions.

The McDonald's All-American game is scheduled for Wednesday at 8 PM.

In other news, Jonathan Givony of Draft Express dropped this nugget on his Twitter feed last night.

100% gone. Just needs to decide which agent to sign with. Heard its down to 3 big ones. RT @TheLoganator91: Heard anything on Ed Davis yet?

Ed Davis responded to someone about a week ago saying he was not sure yet:

@TheRookieWall I have no clue what I'm doing u will kno in about 3 weeks

Davis making a decision ahead of his meeting with Roy Williams would be unusual but given the rumors and the fiasco earlier with his name appearing on an agent website, convention may be out the window here.

Stay tuned.