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Larry Drew Denies Transfer Rumors...Again

Apparently I need to spend more time on the Inside Carolina message boards following the latest rumors. For some reason Larry Drew keeps cranking out denials of various rumors that he intends to transfer. The latest comes on a direct question from IC's Greg Barnes:

Larry Drew has been the subject of transfer rumors throughout the latter half of this season. While UNC's sophomore point guard had responded to them before, he hadn't made a direct denial. Until Wednesday morning.

"I'll be here -- I'll be a Tar Heel," Drew said at Wednesday morning's media session, when asked if he will be back in Chapel Hill next season

I am not sure why Barnes is lauding this the first direct denial by Drew of transfer rumors when he wrote this article following the Buster Sports story which included the headline: "Drew Denies Transfer Rumor." While I cannot locate it right now, I want to say Drew made another denial along the way in a postgame press conference since then. In other words, this is nothing new other than it really makes it difficult for him to transfer if he wanted to, which some folks here said was the case the first time around. What the "I'll be a Tar Heel" quote does do is put him in prime position to be in the "I am a Tar Heel" video for next year. I just hope he gets a better reception than T.J. Yates receives.

One of the main reasons this keeps popping up is there are some rumblings than Roy Williams might make or has made a move to recruit Ray McCallum(#7 PG, 2010) from Detroit. The hot rumor is McCallum would come if offered but Roy has a scholarship numbers issues unless Ed Davis goes pro at which point he has a 2011 numbers issues. The pursuit of Austin Rivers would mean UNC would need two players to leave early by the end of the 2011 season to accommodate another 2010 recruit and three 2011 recruits. Yes, there is a good chance I just all of that wrong.

@ACCSports said on Twitter that Drew returning is a better option that picking up a remaining 2010 PG. I would have to agree unless they somehow manage to snag Brandon Knight which is not happening. I tend to agree. An experience Drew, especially based on what we have seen in the past four games, is going to give you more than a PG who has to learn the system and UNC already has one of those in Kendall Marshall. The message boards are gushing over McCallum but then again they tend to gush about anyone Roy takes a glance at in recruiting. It also should be noted that the message boards are treating Drew's latest denial tepidly in terms of whether they believe it or not.

So I guess stay tuned to see if there is anything else once the season ends.