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Larry Drew's Game Winner

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Worth another look.

A few things to note.

Credit to Roy Williams for not calling a timeout. He says he prefers to catch the other team in transition and that was the case here. The Bulldogs were not really set when Drew came down and he found a couple of seams, got to the basket and managed to get the shot up.

Credit to Deon Thompson for (1) setting a screen at the top of the key to help Drew and (2) for hustling down to the basket where he had perfect position for a putback had Drew missed the shot.

Speaking of the shot. I am not sure Drew could have tossed it up there any better if he tried ten more times. He also used his left hand which is impressive. Drew had Jarvis Varnardo coming over. Given the difference in height and Varnardo's ability as a shot blocker, finding the perfect trajectory on the shot was Ty Lawson-esque. Yes, that is as far as I am going with that comparison.

And at the very end of the video you will note that Roy Williams and Larry Drew look much happier standing together waiting on some interview than Dino Gaudio did with Ish Smith last Thursday night.