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More Games In Carmichael?

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If Roy Williams has his way maybe. Roy said this last night during the postgame press conference:

The crowd was sensational. I've said several times since I've gotten back here that we should play one or two games a year in this building. Maybe, when the economy turns around and gets real good, let's take half the seats out of the Smith Center, put in luxury boxes and get a crowd like this every daggum night. The crowd was helpful tonight, there's no question about that - I loved the people that were here.

It makes perfect sense to play a team like NCCU or Presbyterian over in Carmichael. Those games are poorly attended as it is and Carmichael would easily be full for opponents like that.

As for the Dean Dome renovation comment I take it to mean this:

Let's build suites for the fat cats in the lower level so we can get them out of there and get "a crowd like this every dadgum night."

Remember earlier this season, Roy was pissed off to no end about poor attendance during the early season games. I have always thought those complaints were directed at the lower level Ram's Club members. Of course, Roy could be talking about simply making the Dean Dome "smaller" and therefore louder. However, I don't think that is where he is going, especially with the "I loved the people that were here" line. I think Roy is hoping for more vocal fans(i.e. students, public sale tickets) inside the Dean Dome to replicate the atmosphere seen in Carmichael, Tuesday night.

Is there any chance it happens? Who knows. The Dean Dome is almost 25 years old. It would not surprise me to see them move toward some kind of major renovation. They are already doing some renovations there which is why the NIT game ended up at Carmichael. Obviously the overall financial picture would need to improve plus there is already a campaign to renovate Kenan Stadum. My guess would be that we will probably see a game or two back in Carmichael but some sort of massive renovation of the Dean Dome is likely years away.