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NCAA Elite Eight Open Thread II

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On one side of the bracket there is the guarantee that no higher than a #5 seed will play in the national title game. #5 Butler is already in the Final Four and will face the winner of #5 Michigan St vs #6 Tennessee. And if you are a Kentucky fan how it get any worse? UT making the Final Four would make it worse. On the flip side UNC fans face a similar situation and hope that Baylor is up to the task vs Duke. I have never seen a bracket open up like the Red Sea like this one has for Duke. They are the remaining #1 seed and if the Devils win would go to the Final Four as the highest seed to face West Virginia. Let's hope Baylor doesn't do what Georgia Tech and FSU did in the ACC title game vs Duke over the past two years and wet the bed after playing great the game before.

#5 Michigan St. vs #6, Tennessee, 2:20 PM
#1 Duke vs #3 Baylor, 5:05 PM

Go Bears!

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