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NCAA Second Round Open Thread

Wake Forest vs Kentucky is the game to watch. Why? Because there is a good chance Chas McFarland pisses Demarcus Cousins off enough for nasty things to go down. Kansas will take on Northern Iowa. Keeping an eye on the #1 seeds is always a good idea since you never know what might happen.

Only one of these match-ups is according to see and that is the Kansas St-BYU game. Of the six games that could have ended up with a double digit seed, five of them have one.

So will it be more upsets or water finding its level?

Here is your schedule for Saturday.

#2 Villanova vs #10 St. Mary's, 1:05 PM
#5 Butler vs #13 Murray St., 3:20 PM
#6 Tennessee vs #14 Ohio, 3:35 PM
#1 Kansas vs #9 Northern Iowa, 5:40 PM
#3 Baylor vs #11 Old Dominion, 5:45 PM
#3 New Mexico vs #11 Washington , 5:50 PM
#2 Kansas St. vs #7 BYU, 8:10 PM
#1 Kentucky vs #9 Wake Forest, 8:15 PM

Comment away.