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NCAA Second Round Open Thread II

Okay, admit it. Part of you felt happy when Kansas went down. Happy that Kansas would not win two titles in three years. Happy we did not have to deal with some columnist like Gary Parrish or Jeff Goodman try and tell us the 2010 Kansas team was better than 2009 UNC team. That much is clear after Kansas fell to Northern Iowa. Clear as day that Sherron Collins for all his talent is no Ty Lawson.

On the agenda today, the immense hope that somehow California can give Duke the same treatment. Last night there was a discussion on #1 seeds losing in the 2nd round and I posted a list of them. Duke's name is conspicuously missing from the hall of shame. I think their time has come or we can certainly hope so.

The schedule for today:

#1 Syracuse vs #8 Gonzaga, 12:10 PM
#2 Ohio St vs #10 Georgia Tech, 2:20 PM
#4 Maryland vs #5 Michigan St, 2:30 PM
#2 West Virginia vs #10 Missouri, 2:40 PM
#4 Wisconsin vs #12 Cornell, 2:50 PM
#3 Pitt vs #6 Xavier, 4:50 PM
#4 Purdue vs #5 Texas A&M, 5:00 PM
#1 Duke vs #9 California, 5:15 PM

Enjoy the basketball and the fact UNC won their game in the NIT. I know it is not the same but at least you can relax a little bit.