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NIT: #4 UNC vs #5 William & Mary

Where: Carmichael Auditorium, Chapel Hill, NC
When: Tuesday, March 16th, 9:30 PM
Live Stats: SCACC Hoops
Records: UNC 16-16, W&M 22-10

This following quote from Roy Williams should be enough to scare you senseless about this game(emphasis mine):

"... I'm halfway through their Maryland tape and when you look at their stats, they beat Maryland at Maryland - which we haven't done very often with some really good teams - and they beat Wake Forest at Wake Forest, so they have the ability to go on the road in some tough environments and beat some good basketball teams. They're unusual in the number of three point shots that they make. It's mindboggling ... I think 48 percent of their shots are threes ... Their top three scorers, it's an even higher percentage than that. One thing they do is play to their strengths - with smaller guys that maybe didn't fit the look test for some other schools. Defensively they play zone, a matchup not point. It's unusual, so trying to get ready for something like that in one practice is hard to do. Tony [Shaver] does a good job. They play nine guys double-figure minutes."

Just to sum up. UNC is playing a team which beat both Maryland and Wake Forest. A team that goes nine deep, plays a zone and shoots threes like they are going out of style. Given UNC's rather porous perimeter defense I imagine the over/under on made threes by the Tribe in this one opens at about 12. Would it do any good for me to openly beg for Roy to have the Heels switch on all screens and play straight-up man-to-man with minimal helping? And I don't have a good feeling about UNC playing against a zone, if past games are any indication.

Is there any hope? Sure, if John Henson can be a factor and Tyler Zeller plays like he did versus Georgia Tech. UNC will also need quite a bit in the way of perimeter scoring so it would be nice if Will Graves finds his jumpshot. Since the team has never played in Carmichael I am not sure what impact that will have on their ability to hit shots. All that being said, someone just needs to step up and take this team on their shoulders. Is there anyone who can do that? I am not sure but wining at least one game ensures finishing at .500 regardless of what happens going forward.

As for playing in Carmichael, the reaction has been very positive. It should be fun to see the Heels play where so many great games happened. Of course it will not be the same unless they bring out that small white, hand turned scoreboard that used to sit in the corner at the end of the bench.

UNC 65 W&M 60