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UNC 69 Miami 62

Two game winning streak! Woo-hoo!

UNC finally got to 2000 wins, stumbling to the line just ahead of Kansas. The Heels 16th win of the season also ensures UNC will finish at least .500 which ain't much but we will take it.

Overall UNC still had turnover issues and questionable offensive execution at times. It is clear that is really not going to change this season. Plus it was Miami and they played horribly outside of one guard. So it is not an impressive win so to speak but it was a win and beggars cannot be choosy at this point.

Now, there were stretches where this team looked very good. Marcus Ginyard is clearly recovered from his injured foot which set him back for so many games. Ginyard signs off his home career at UNC with his first career double-double with 12 points and 12 rebounds. Ginyard also had five assists and generally played perhaps his best game of the season. Fellow senior Deon Thompson had 14 points and hit some shots early to set the tone and make the most of his Senior Night. It was nice to see these two go out on a high note. Will Graves also had a huge game hitting key threes and scoring 16. His improvement this season has been a nice silver lining on a dark cloud. And the most exciting player on the floor was John Henson, Freak. If and when Henson develops a serious offensive games(along with 20 lbs of muscle) he is going to be fun to watch. Even without that, the stuff he does is freaking impressive. Henson had 12 rebounds, four blocks which changed the game and a behind the back pass that would have been sweet on a variety of levels had the play been finished.

In other words: Henson = crazy fun.